And believers were the more added to the Lord, multitudes both of men and women (Acts 5:14).

In this verse, we are taught that “believers” were “added to the Lord.” When we are “added to the Lord,” we are saved. Their belief—nothing more, and nothing less—saved them.

Salvation is a gift. Let's say that you gave someone a gift that cost you dearly—let's say, many thousands of dollars. Then, let's say that the recipient of your gift took some change out of his pocket, handed it to you, and said, “Now we are even.” How would you feel? You would feel just as God feels when we try, with our paltry, feeble, and insufficient good works, to earn salvation, which cost Jesus Christ His suffering and blood on the cross. Salvation isn't a gift if we think and believe we have earned it. And if it isn't a gift, we don't have it. May each of us, with everlasting thanksgiving to our great Savior, BELIEVE and thereby accept His great gift of eternal life!